In-Depth Interviews (IDIs): one-on-one for rich unbiased information

In-depth individual interview (30 to 60 minutes) explores the conscious and subconscious motivations of the interviewee. It allows their practices, perceptions, intentions and needs to be understood as well as building up an idea about the influence of their environment. These interviews can be carried out in three ways:
Face-to-Face  (F2F IDIs)

The Face-to-Face interview is probably the richest type of interview. Listening to the interviewee is supplemented by the observation of their reactions and their attitudes. These interviews can be carried out in the interviewee’s office, at the hospital, in the pharmacy, at his home or in a professional studio.

Online Face-to-Face

This Internet approach has the advantage of maintaining visual contact during the interview, whilst at the same time avoiding geographical constraints, insuring better time efficiency, better geographical representativeness, and reduction in travelling costs.

Phone (tele-IDIs)

Telephone interviews have the advantage of being anonymous. The absence of visual contact can be, in certain situation, an advantage to entice interviewees to reveal their true motivation and behavior.



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