Qualitative research methodologies rely on one-on-one in-depth individual and/or group interviews that must be conducted by a skilled interviewer. To get the most unbiased and reliable information, the interviewer must combine expertise in three areas:



To channel the interviews towards the study’s objectives and to collect balanced information without introducing any bias in the answers.


To maintain conditions throughout the interview which favor the expression of the innermost motivations of the people being questioned.

“Domain” or Clinical Knowledge

To be credible with the interviewees who tend to be clinicians and healthcare executives, and to able understand quickly the critical points raised during the discussion and thus be capable of going deeper in the interview.


  How can you analyze the market for a therapeutic solution if you don’t know anything about the market and you don’t understand the therapeutic solution? Our exclusive commitment to the healthcare industry over the past 15 years provides our clients with the benefit of reliable and actionable information.

Olivier Cotten

European Managing Partner - The MarkeTech Group (TMTG)

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