The Future of Deep Learning Algorithms in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have been at the forefront of Medical Technology conferences for several years and there is no doubt that Healthcare will be transformed to achieve “more with less”. However, it is increasingly difficult to cut through the hype and understand what level of AI integration customers are truly prepared for.

In TMTG’s latest edition of The Minute, we discuss some of the tactical approaches that healthcare IT companies are taking to bring practical AI solutions to market. We also provide the results of a short study conducted with our imagePRO™ panel on market readiness for new AI solutions.

Interview with*:
Mr. Tomer Levy (TL), MBA, VP, Strategic Portfolio
Mr. Evgueni Loukipoudis (EL), PhD, CTO/CIO, Imaging Workflow & Care Solutions

*While TMTG features executives in our interview section, The Minute is a completely independent publication and is not sponsored by any company.


The Minute full text (PDF) 


The interview full text (PDF)

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