Tom Janeczko

> Market Research Director - Lantheus

“TMTG is unique in that the team takes the time to truly understand our company’s market dynamics prior to undergoing projects.  Most companies take the time to understand our project needs but sometime struggle interviewing respondents with minimal knowledge of the nomenclature and understanding of our markets.
TMTG’s knowledge of market dynamics make the interviews and surveys more fluid resulting in solid in-depth analysis that can be used for decision making.
TMTG provided excellent analysis for us to quantify the global opportunity for the myocardial perfusion imaging marketplace.  Their analysis allowed us to better target our efforts by country.
TMTG also provided an excellent pricing and market model on a product in Phase III in development.  Their model will be used in the future to assist us with pricing decisions that need to be made.
With the work from TMTG on key projects, it helped me to feel confident with my internal customers that the most in-depth analysis was conducted in order for the best recommendations to be brought forward.”