Marion Spitzer

> Commercial Excellence - Medical Systems Market Intelligence - OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG

We collaborated with The MarkeTech Group on a strategic project aiming at defining the European hospitals behavioral segmentation for the purchase of one of our product lines used in OR. TMTG answered our business objective by offering a multi-phase project across the Top 5 European countries. The project involved the challenge of recruiting over 300 respondents divided between CFOs, purchase managers and OR managers. The greatest strengths of the TMTG team were its ability to understand the highly complex healthcare market environment in the different countries and to turn a quantitative cluster analysis into robust strategic recommendations for each identified segments. TMTG also demonstrated high standards of quality and reacted quickly to find solutions when facing field execution challenges. I really appreciated this close interaction which helped establish trust in the consulting provided, both on consistency and robustness of raw data but also on the subsequent analysis.