Shawn Miller

> Director of Market Research - CareFusion

TMTG takes reporting and analytics to another level.  We are continually impressed with the thoroughness of analysis in both quantitative and qualitative studies.  With qualitative studies, in addition to a report summarizing overall findings, we get summaries of each individual interview, which provide much-appreciated additional granularity.  TMTG is also adept at taking complex findings and framing them in simple-to-understand terms so everyone in a project team is on the same page.  TMTG staffers are truly experts in their craft, yet they never speak down to us, but always speak to us and with us.  This engenders strong collaboration, which I believe leads to higher quality insights from our studies.
TMTG is our preferred vendor when the study CRQ is about pricing or pricing strategy, especially for new product or service offerings under development.  With so much riding on pricing decisions prior to launch, we have to feel absolutely confident about acting on the data and insights provided.  TMTG gives us that confidence.
I have benefited from working with TMTG through learning more about the nuances of conjoint methodology and variations on the conjoint theme.  I have also been exposed to different styles of qualitative interview guides which have helped expand our thinking around study design.
The most significant is the increased rigor around vetting new product and service offerings before they are launched.  In the past, our firm relied on internal wisdom or inputs from a few hand-selected KOL’s to drive these decisions.  Today, we rely almost entirely on external, objective VOC metrics from a select group of strategic research partners.  TMTG is one of the most important of those partner relationships.