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Pharmaceutical marketing research is complex because of the differences in target audiences and because of the driving forces behind them. In their roles of prescribing and giving advice, doctors and pharmacists can be influenced by values that go beyond a mere therapeutic aspect. The expectations patients have of a medicine are key, but they are also partly irrational and difficult to understand. What matters is to understand these rational and irrational expectations as clearly as possible. The patterns of general marketing research are just not enough.


Our Solutions on Product Lifecycle

• Assessing current and future trends
• Identifying the behaviour of healthcare players
• Defining treatment algorithms
• Defining patient healthcare chains
• Identifying patient behaviour and quality of life
• Testing a concept and assessing its potential
• Segmenting behaviour
• Determining prescription levers
• Assessing prescription intentions
• Pricing studies
• Determining positioning and communication lines
• Testing communication tools (visual, detail aid)
• Assessing and segmenting prescription uses and habits
• Assessing patient compliance and perception
• Carrying out performance diagnostics
• Measuring brand equity
• Optimizing messages and positioning (recall tests, prescription tracking)
• Testing new indications
• Repositioning study

Because words are never the exact reflection of thoughts and behaviour

Our study methodologies combine the most advanced techniques of marketing research and psychology (projective methods, conjoint analysis, etc.) They advance the understanding of your target’s motivation, thus removing the obstacles which, with purely declarative methods, cause them to make superficial or consensual affirmations. Our studies provide the tools you need to adapt your decisions to the real expectations of your target audiences.


Each study is a unique case based on a made-to-measure methodology

The value of a study depends on the type of methodology used. Whether you need a qualitative or quantitative approach, or indeed a mixture of the two, the methodology we develop is a result of a needs analysis process.


From information to action

Specifically developed for the pharmaceutical industry, our statistic tools enable you to maximize what you can get out of the data that we give you. You can simulate the impact of your decisions on the preference scores which your clients give your products (in the case of a trade-off analysis), you can predict your market share in a reliable way by taking environmental factors into account, and you can segment and qualify your prospects by defining similar profiles of prescription behaviour.


A panoramic view of your marketing needs

Identifying the opportunities for new galenic forms, exploring emerging markets, launching a new product, maximizing marketing strategies… for 15 years we have been helping our clients with their marketing needs at each stage of the their product and services cycles.


The MarkeTech Group is a partner which carefully analyses and defines our marketing needs. Their intelligent and innovative methodologies allow us to go a long way in understanding our targets and thus in identifying ways for strategic action.


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Case Studies

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Tom Janeczko
Market Research Director - Lantheus

TMTG is unique in that the team takes the time to truly understand our company’s market dynamics...
Shawn Miller
Director, Market Intelligence and Strategy - Philips

We highly value TMTG and have used their research services for years, especially for projects that require market insights and for complex projects...
Caroline Rollin
Marketing and Business Development Manager - Abott

Our collaboration with The MarkeTech Group (TMTG) has been a success on several levels. The MarkeTech Group’s expertise in the medical field allowed them to quickly understand our problems and the issues arising from them. In addition, the qualitative and quantitative studies were carried out in less than two months, enabling us to respond quickly to our objectives...

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