Description of imagePRO™:

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  • Represents 1,350 hospitals or 25% of the nation’s hospital purchasing power for medical imaging solutions.
  • Calibrated to represent the U.S. Radiology hospital market by bed size and geography.
  • Each enrolled member is fully credentialed to ensure their opinions are trustworthy.
  • Every year each member must update their institution imaging modality profile by updating over 200 fields of data through a secured and proprietary web portal.
  • Member loyalty is very high because members earn “award” points that can be redeemed for continuing education, merchandise and market data.
  • Free data: Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI)
    • The recent index results published by AuntMinnie each quarter:
    • MICI is created by The MarkeTech Group in collaboration with The Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) to offer the imaging community a useful and trusted tool to benchmark the business climate in imaging
    • It is based on a longitudinal cohort of imagePRO™ respondents


imagePRO™ Products:

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imagePRO™ Benefits and use:

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  • Price decision
  • Brand management
  • Product improvement
  • Trend assessment
  • Competitive assessment
  • Internal buy-in (reinforcement of your theory)
  • Customer or Market Segmentation
  • Customer engagement (channel, distribution, GPO)