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Since 1995, we have been supporting innovation and technology transfer in healthcare. A brilliant idea emerging in the lab is far from a commercial success. Many other factors will influence future commercial success.
At each step of the development process, the technology entrepreneur must choose the best operational and strategic plan which includes scientific elements (proof of concept), target market, marketing positioning, funding, as well as other important elements such as intellectual property.


From the lab to the market place


Leading expert in marketing research

True innovation management and technology transfer is a challenging process where scientific merit, inventor emotional attachment, market potential and truly unmet need must be assessed. One can always call in question the nature of technology push as opposed to market pull when looking for connections between apparently opposing worlds: science, customers and business. To help the innovator, we believe it is essential shed light in the most unbiased while mastering the knowledge in each of those three areas.

To help provide guidance in the process our team of dedicated consultants are high-level scientists and engineers who fully understand the unique challenges you face in bringing your idea to the medical and healthcare market.


A client-defined approach to answer each issue

Our most popular offering is the “Black Box” methodology initially developed by Dr. Renaudin. The Black Box approach does not look into the “how it works” but rather focus on the cost and benefits that innovation can offer in specific targeted market applications. An innovative project can be assessed by ranking applications and technology transfer opportunities where “unfair competitive advantage” can be created.  

Additionally we support innovators all along the development process of their project by offering some level of “coaching” to help them to make go/no go decisions from the early stage of maturation to market entry. 


Marketing of innovative projects consists in solving a complex equation between a « non-existent » (the innovation) and a « hypothetical » (a market likely to buy the innovation at a price which guarantees a sufficient level of profits). To maximize the success of an innovation in healthcare, the innovator must consider the marketing side of his project as early as possible.

Romain LABAS, Ph.D. Partner, Senior Consultant



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Case Studies

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Fabienne Billiard, PhD
Project Manager Life Sciences - SATT Lutech

I had the opportunity to work with The MarkeTech Group through different projects. First, I appreciated their thorough analysis right at the beginning of the projects, in order to fully understand each project and to foresee the questions that would be raised along the way. The analysis they performed...
Marie Petit
Chargée de Valorisation - Domaine Santé & Dispositifs Médicaux - SATT Grand Est

We collaborated with The MarkeTech Group (TMTG) for a market research study on the positioning of a new application (software) to support the interpretation of genetic data. TMTG was able to provide us precise answers concerning...
Rémi Picard
Marketing Manager Healthcare and Life Technologies - SATT Sud Est

The MarkeTech Group (TMTG) is an important partner of the South East SATT. We regularly work with TMTG consultants to conduct in-depth market research or "flash" expertises related to our medical technology transfer projects. TMTG’s specialization...
Sophie Geny
Innovation Project Manager - GIE Eurasanté

We have collaborated with The MarkeTech Group (TMTG) on several occasions to conduct marketing research projects in Healthcare. We were particularly pleased with the demonstrated expertise and the depth of analysis. TMTG’s team was able to...
Florian Chatellier
Founder of Nodea Medical, Emergence Award Winner 2011

The market study has two values. The first is to make sure that the technological developments are in line with client’s needs...
Direction Générale de l'Armement

The MarkeTech Group has conducted a technical and operational study during a year on the potential use of bacteriophages for CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) defense...
Guillaume Haïat and Anne Walrafen
Founders of Wave Implant, Emergence Award Winner 2010

The study carried out by The MarkeTech Group enabled us to understand the market which we target...

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