Adaptive or non-Adaptive Conjoint Analysis for product roadmap




CBC is an analytical technique that is used to measure the trade-offs your customers make in choosing between products and service features. Understand which features are a priority and those that are less important based on this tried and true trade-off technique. The penalty attribute is often price but, at TMTG, we have used other penalty variables such as Time-to-Market (TTM), expected clinical trial results or others such as test sensitivity/specificity for example.

ACBC allows the inclusion of many attributes while retaining the advantages of traditional discrete choice conjoint design. While a longer exercise than traditional conjoint analysis, survey respondents are however more engaged since the ACBC software adapts to prior choices and make the choice sets more relevant.  ACBC is therefore used to address various groups of respondents on the same topic (i.e., CIOs, Nurses and Clinicians) but ACBC requires larger sample sizes. 

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