vwPRO™ is an easy-to-use, web-based pricing model that translates the results of van Westendorp analysis into directionally informative pricing data.

The van Westendorp price sensitivity meter (PSM) helps you to understand how customers estimate value and quality for a new product. Using vwPRO™, you will be able to identify an appropriate price range for your new product and estimate adoption within that range. vwPRO™ allows you to analyze results for the sample as a whole or for different segments within the sample. For more information about how van Westendorp analysis works, please watch our pricing webinar below.



Key Benefits of vwPRO™:

  • Custom-designed van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter Simulator designed for the Med-Tech industry

  • Allows you to select customized segmentation criteria to determine an acceptable price range for your product for various customer segments

  • Estimates adoption using the Newton, Miller, and Smith extension of the van Westendorp technique

  • Can be used to provide valuable Voice-of-Customer guidance for the pricing of new products entering the market

  • Web-accessible for use anytime, anywhere

  • Fast and easy to access; security protected

  • Compatible with PowerPoint and Excel

Who Should use vwPRO™:

  • Marketing Directors who need to compare and contrast price acceptance for new products among critical market subsets or segments

  • Product Managers who need to understand how their product should be priced to maximize trial or revenue

  • Sales Directors who want to understand the potential adoption of critical market segments for their products





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