REACTOR™ is a market model simulation tool that uses cutting edge market demand modeling techniques to forecast the impact of different pricing policies on key performance metrics such as unit sales, market share, revenues and profits by systematically using a combination of customer research, market data and managerial judgment.

  • Integrate Perception, Preference and Decision Process data to forecast Sales, Revenue and Profit response.

  • Evaluate and recommend Market Pricing Policies.

  • Reactor™ can be calibrated to market when sufficient exogenous data is available.

You can use REACTOR™ to generate a dynamic market model to leverage powerful Voice-of-Customer (VOC) feedback.


Key Benefits of REACTOR™:

  • Provides insight to price sensitivity.

  • Helps forecast demand, product adoption, future market share and profit.

  • Integrates perception, preference and decision process data to more accurately forecast sales, revenue and profit response.

  • Determines if and how to respond to a change in a competitor's price or product offerings.

  • Predicts how the change in the price of one product will influence the prices charged by competitors.

  • Helps to avoid and manage potential price wars.

  • Assesses likely long run impacts of a price or product change.

  • Evaluates and provides insightful recommendations for market pricing policies.


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