PROfiler™ is an assessment tool created to help your sales organizations identify the customer segment where a prospect will likely belong.

Key Benefits of PROfiler™:

  • Creates a probability estimate that a customer or prospect falls into a specific segment based on their demographic and firmographic profile.

  • Enables accurate customer segment identification during the sales process.

  • Allows sales and marketing teams to deploy segment-specific strategies utilizing sales and marketing tools designed for optimal effectiveness in each segment.

  • Compatible with Excel.

Who should use PROfiler™:

  • Marketing Directors who are formulating a new customer segmentation plan for their sales organization.

  • Sales Directors who want to ensure that their sales representatives will correctly identify customer segments.

  • Advertising Managers seeking to most effectively develop campaigns and sales copy targeting each carefully defined market segment.


PROfiler™ is an indispensable tool to help implement CRM based customer segment marketing.




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