imagePRO™ is the first longitudinal panel of over 600 U.S. hospital-based imaging directors and managers.



The imagePRO™ Quick Facts:

  • Represents 1,350 hospitals or 25% of the nation’s hospital purchasing power for medical imaging solutions

  • Calibrated to the U.S. Radiology hospital market by bed size and geography

  • Offers highly reliable market projections for modality installed base, market share or any other market data

  • Each member is fully credentialed to ensure their opinions are trustworthy

  • Every year each member must update their institution imaging modality profile by updating over 200 fields of data through a secured and proprietary web portal

  • Member loyalty is very high because members earn “award” points that can be redeemed for continuing education, merchandise and market data


What imagePRO™ Allows You To Do:

  • Launch your custom research survey and receive feedback that’s 100% relevant to you both quickly and inexpensively to:

• Predict the success of a product and likelihood of market acceptance
• Choose the optimal price for the product that will meet your customers’ needs
• Understand your brand’s position in the marketplace relative to competitors

  • Receive quasi-instantaneous feedback (within 1 days or 2) on specific market questions that cannot be found in a market report


Who Uses imagePRO™:

  • Imaging OEM vendors, contrast media, and RIS/PACs companies to acquire powerful Voice of Customer (VOC) feedback on pricing, purchasing decisions, brand perception, market share information, product placement etc

  • Magazine and media companies that want to conduct statistically reliable QUICKPolls to assess / forecast trends

  • Investors and investment banks looking for due-diligence support in the medical imaging market



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