The topic of staff burnout amongst radiology staff has been a major discussion recently. Partnered with Philips Healthcare, TMTG surveyed 254 radiology technologists and imaging directors in four countries through in-depth teleconference interviews and a quantitative web-based survey. The full research report “Radiology staff in focus” is available for download.

The results of the study covered staff satisfaction and stress and burnout factors, along with efficiency and automation. Overall, the communication and information channels need to improve, starting with the ordering physician. Additionally, technologists hope to get the image right the first time.

Staff burnout is a serious issue in medical imaging departments and it must be addressed by both the hospitals and vendors to limit negative impact on the quality of patient care (see ImagePRO™ Panel Speaks on Staff Burnout)

More about staff burnout and the “ Radiology staff in focus” research report:

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