The healthcare industry is transitioning to place larger emphasis on patient engagement.

In order to gain a better understanding of patient experience, The MarkeTech Group surveyed over 200 members of our imagePRO™ panel, which consists of administrative directors in imaging and radiology.

There were three key findings from the study:

  1. 71% of respondents stated that radiology results are communicated through a physician, and not discussed with the radiologist.
  2. In the radiology department, 29% of respondents stated that patient communication is a top priority, but 63% stated that workflow/productivity and cost efficiency can take precedence.
  3. Finally, patient demand/HCAHPS scores are the largest drivers for adopting new patient engagement platforms.

As reimbursement strategies shift and overall patient well-being and experience become a greater priority, the communication platforms for patients will be at the forefront of the healthcare system.

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