Our Team


Christian Renaudin, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Managing Partner and CEO


Company Role

Dr. Christian Renaudin is TMTG’s CEO and founder. Currently, Christian supports the expansion of the firm internationally and oversees the practice development in the European and U.S. consulting offices.

Practice Specialty

With a triple background in medical technology, clinical training and marketing, Dr. Renaudin has a strong personal interest in product innovation management. To address client research needs in product development, Dr. Renaudin has developed innovative qualitative research methodologies such as the Black Box technology assessment process, the Technology Speciation theory, and Mock Trial techniques to test product concepts involving several stakeholders. Through his leadership, the firm offers a strong qualitative marketing research platform to help clients evaluate unmet needs, judge the market acceptance of innovative concepts, and optimize product positioning. Dr. Renaudin has created and deployed a market /persona segmentation process enabling clients to optimize product marketing.

Professional Background

Dr. Renaudin worked in veterinary, clinical and research settings for seven years, honing his skills in developing and executing applied research projects. His research work in cardiac imaging has been published in renowned international medical imaging journals. Christian has managed well over 200 consulting and marketing research projects conducting personally hundreds of interviews with physicians, researchers and inventors. He has also successfully managed dozens of large-scale international research projects in five continents.


Dr. Renaudin grew up in the French Alps, and has lived in the United States for 27 years. He earned a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine (Ecole Nationale Veterinaire de Lyon, France) and a doctorate degree of science in biomedical engineering (CNRS—Creatis, University of Lyon I). He received his executive M.B.A. degree in marketing and international business (IUA—San Francisco).

Professional Activity

Dr. Renaudin is a board member of the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy, a non-profit that helps foster and train future entrepreneurs in the Sacramento Region. Dr. Renaudin has been a guest speaker to various Biomed Design classes at UC Davis Engineering school, and has served on the UC Davis Big Bang panel of judges as well as UC Davis Entrepreneurship Academy. He is also managing partner in a small investment fund that targets Seed Stage start-ups.