Since 1995, The MarkeTech Group has been a leader in providing global Voice-of-Customer marketing research to the  healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Our passion for excellence is not limited to revealing the voice of the customer, we go one step further to address your unique business challenges and goals, as we strive to deliver highly actionable strategic or tactical recommendations.


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Your issues managed by experts in healthcare markets

Since the company’s inception, our years of experience and specialized focus have resulted in deep clinical knowledge and an intimate understanding of your customers. We are exclusively dedicated to four medical fields: Medical Imaging, Devices and Diagnostics, Healthcare IT and Pharmaceuticals.


Methodological vanguard and excellence

Qualitative and quantitative methodologies facilitate in-depth analysis of the innermost motivations of your customers.  Our study methodologies are derived from proven classic primary research techniques but our clients also appreciate our firm’s ability to innovate and adapt to address the unique healthcare challenges. For example, we know how to address complex decision processes (users, clinical decision makers, economic purchasers) and we can model buying groups that rely on Economic Value Analysis while preserving the necessary measurement of the emotional appeal that clinicians will express for novel technology.


The symbiosis of marketing and scientific expertise

Your projects are supported by experts that understand your specific needs. Our consulting team comes from diverse backgrounds including experience in medical marketing, advanced statistics, and clinical science. They speak multiple languages and hold MBAs and Ph.D.s, providing you a rich combination of perspectives and years of hands-on experience.


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Global Offices to support your marketing research needs:

  • Europe (France & Germany)
  • USA
  • Partnerships in Brazil, China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, and the Middle East

Our domain knowledge (clinical pathways and care provider organizational structures), our fast reactivity, and focus on data quality are the reasons why TMTG has become a strong player in Voice-of-Customer marketing research for medical technologies. Our clients do not have time to educate research agencies so they select TMTG because we understand their products, their technology, their customers and their needs. Our ability to find the right compromise between best practice methodology, time and budget is what makes TMTG a trusted partner.

Christian RENAUDIN, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Managing Partner and CEO

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