An online forum where a TMTG professional moderator seeks feedback and organizes discussions between healthcare professionals recruited via an effective screener.

After recruitment, participants receive a link to register for the forum, and are notified each time a question is opened for their response. After their response is provided, they can see what others have said and react as they wish and when they want.

TMTG can moderate messages already posted. There are 3 moderation levels:

  • The moderator can post a comment to a specific participant’s answer either privately or visible for all;
  • The moderator can hide or unhide an answer in a chatroom, or
  • The moderator can reply to all participants.

Technically forums are not a live exchange. It is asynchronous: the forum is opened 24/7 and participants can answer at their own convenience. This allows for different participants’ points of view without them having to be on the platform at the same time

After TMTG posts a question, the registered participants will get an email or badge notification inviting them to log in to the forum and respond.

You, as the client, are offered a link to log into the forum and read the responses. TMTG calls it the “behind the mirror” view, similar to F2F focus groups. This link will show the responses in reverse chronological order. Although you cannot post or interact directly with the participants, you can communicate with TMTG moderator who can follow up with participants as needed

The ChatPRO™ transcript is your data, so you decide! This “raw data” file is delivered as a PDF. Once the forum closes, there is an automatic download function to access the transcript, which presents the discussion in chronological order

No, which is consistent with any other form marketing research. However, we will provide key profiling variables such as first name, title, institution size or type. This is in accordance with marketing research best practice guidelines.

ChatPRO™ can start as low as $5,000, yet the price is highly variable depending on the project requirements. The pricing structure is based on two fee elements:

  • Access to the chat platform and moderation by TMTG – a flat fee dependent on the number of questions and overall chat duration, and
  • Recruitment fee and incentive – a variable fee dependent on the number and type of participants


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